Gnosis "Demo" App

The purpose of this App is to demonstrates the Gnosis No-code Application Platform many capabilities for building Web and Mobil Apps of any purpose.

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Model-Driven Applications

Gnosis is a No-code/Low-code Full-stack Application Platform that provides the necessary components for creating Web and Mobile Apps for any purpose.

Gnosis takes a Model-Driven Design approach to building Apps. In Gnosis, Models are Object-oriented and Lifecycle-driven Items with Logic, Views, and Permissions.

As you Model the Application, users can immediately begin using it with the Gnosis No-code App.

The Gnosis No-code App is driven by the Models and dynamically adapts to changes. As you make changes to the App, the User Interface automatically adapts.

The No-code Views are highly configurable, allowing UI customization while adapting to design changes.

In addition, you can extend and even entirely replace the User Interface with Gnosis Low-code Scripts.

Gnosis Scripts are also used to create Application Logic, background Tasks, and custom Web API endpoints.

Lastly, any Client Tools you choose can be used with the Gnosis Application Platform and your custom Web API as the backend.